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When it comes to good titles, sometimes style, uniqueness and perfect wording is not what it’s all about. Sometimes you can write a terrible title, but it’s still attracts traffic. So where’s the secret?

It’s all about the feelings. Yeah I said it – feelings. If you’re title causes feelings for a reader, it’s very likely your title will attract traffic.

For instance let’s check out these titles:

1) Shocking Car Crash – 5 People Brutally Injured

2) Stunning Dress of Megan Fox Shows More Than it Should

3) Picture of a Cute Homeless Puppy

It’s easy to see why these titles, even though they are not very unique or creative, still catch attention. They cause feelings of curiosity and fear and even bring bad memories (in the case of the title no. 1) and automatically catch attention. In the case of the 2nd title, you automatically feel curiosity and maybe even slight arousal, which of course makes you check out the picture, article or a post.  As for the last title, it’s clear that everyone loves cute puppies and everyone feels sorry for the homeless ones.

So you get the idea – feelings = attention = traffic. Once again, it’s a basic idea, but sometimes we forget how powerful basic ideas are.

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So once again we tackle one of the most important questions for all of you internet writers – how to write good titles. This time let’s look at some tips for what a good title should have.

Benefits for the Readers

The idea behind this is very simple – write titles, which show benefits that you have in store for your readers or website visitors. For instance, if you write about earning money using google AdSense, don’t write a title, which sounds boring and doesn’t include anything for the reader. For example, a title like Earning Money With Your Website Using Google AdSense is bad, because it’s boring and it doesn’t show how the reader could benefit from your article or website. Thus it’s better to write something like Learn to Earn Some Sweet Cash With Google AdSense. It sounds natural, easy to remember and it shows how readers can benefit from your website.

3 Page Rule

So how do you check if your title is not too common (after all, there’s nothing worse than a tittle, which is overused)? Use the so-called 3 Page Rule – check your title in Google and see how many pages of identical or very similar titles there are. If there are almost no identical titles – it’s a green light for your title.

So that’s all for today, thanks for reading!

PS. after writing this stuff I realised that the title of this whole series is also not perfect. Yeah it’s interesting, and eye-catching having in mind that it’s about internet marketing. However, from the title alone you can’t tell what the post is all about. Hey, but that’s not the end of the world, because there’s such a thing as tags, which will clearly indicate what your post is all about. So I guess a final tip for you is innovation > information for titles.