There are hundreds of SEO techniques to get more views out there, but sometimes we forget the simplest things. What do I mean? Well, for instance by pinging our content, posting it on Twitter or Digg, we forget to post links to the content. Yeah, that’s actually a very effective way to get more views.

These days, when there are so many ways to earn money online it’s important to connect all your blogs, websites, Triond, Bukisa and so on. By posting links in your blog or website to your other websites or articles, you can rapidly increase your views. Websites and blogs, which have many links are favoured by search engines, thus it’s a very good idea.

I use a simple strategy to connect all my content – I post 3 links at my every post or article to my other stuff. They key here is to put relevant links at relevant posts, for instance science links at science articles. The great part about this is that the more articles or posts you write the bigger web of links you create. When you have many posts and articles it works like magic ūüôā


1) Rule 333 – a Great Way to Advertise Your Content

2) Hot Websites to Advertise Your Articles

3) Redgage – Monetize Your Links


For almost a year now I’ve been experimenting with various SEO techniques and various other ways to advertise articles. I’ve tried various websites, some good and useful, some useless. So I decided to share simple tips, that everyone can use to get a boost of views for articles or any other content.

Using the following websites¬†is a great strategy to get valuable views for your website or articles. First of all, we don’t need to look far to find a great website for advertising your content – Facebook. Yeah Facebook is a great website for advertising your articles. It’s one of the most popular websites on the web today so it’s great for advertising. If you’re like most people, when you log on to Facebook, the first thing you do is check you’re wall for the new pictures, new posts and links of your friends. That is why it’s a great idea to use Facebook.



Another website that’s on the top these days. I mean everyone has Twitter these days. Thus it’s a great idea to use twitter. Even better is that many websites, blogs¬†and so on automatically let you post your stuff on twitter, without moving a finger. Of course firstly, you have to start making some Twitter friends. Do so by commenting other tweets and¬†following people of Twitter. When you have about 50 – 100 friends, you can start posting your links on the website and you’ll surely get views.


Digg is like an arch nemesis of Twitter. However, Digg has a slightly different format – it’s one of those bookmark sharing websites, where you share interesting websites and other stuff with other “diggers”. So make some “diggs”, find some friends, favourite some websites and you are ready to go.


Many people call it the new Twitter, and I see why. It’s a great website, which is basically the same thing as Digg and Twitter. However, it has a “Stumble” button, which is an add-on¬†to your web browser, which let’s you visit a random website, article a video or anything else according to your likeable¬†subjects. So all you have to do is post your stuff on StumbleUpon and hope that lady luck will guide people to your stuff. By the way try the “Stumble” button, it’s addictive.


Last, but not least – Redgage. It’s a very liberal website I have to say. Why? Well, you can post literally¬†anything on Redage¬†and get money¬†for your views. A great deal I would say. Not only you advertise your stuff, but also get money for it. But there’s more. When you reach 25.00$ (which is very easy to do by winning a daily contest) you get your payment in a fancy Redgage visa card, which they mail you.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.”

In order to make money online you have to be quite good at SEO. Simply speaking you have to be good at making your content popular in search engines and various websites. SEO is easy to learn but hard to master.

Search Engines

So let’s start with the most basic SEO techniques. First of all, in order to use SEO to get more views, you must have¬†content shown on popular search engines. To do that, you must have¬†content, for instance, if you’re a blogger, you need to have a decent amount of articles. Furthermore, you need to submit your articles to the main search engines (Google, Bing and so on). It’s important to notice that due to the search engine bots, popular content is automatically submitted to search engines, however, by using the “Add Url” option, you can get your content published on the search engines much faster. To submit a link (of your articles, website or blog and so on) just follow the given links and copy the url of your content.

1) Google add url.

2) Bing add url

3) It’s a little more tricky with yahoo. The following link¬†explains what to do to get your content submitted on yahoo search engine.

Social Networks

One of the best ways to get your links noticed is by submitting them to social networks. Social networks are very popular these days, thus your links will get noticed easily, plus social network sites are fun to use. Another advantage of social websites is that they get high ratings on search engines, so your links will get extra views easily. Also some of such websites even pay you for the views that your submitted content gets ( and similar websites)

Most Popular Social Websites

1) Facebook

2) Twitter

3) Digg

4) StumbleUpon

5) Redgage

There are more similar websites, but I highly recommend these, because they’re easy to use, very popular¬† and they will certainly give you precious views.


I bet you’re wondering – isn’t there a faster way to get your links posted on search engines and social websites. Yes there is a faster way! It’s called pinging. Pinging is very simple – all you have to do is submit your link to one of many pinging websites and wait a couple of minutes for it to load. Pinging websites simply submit your links to a variety of websites, including search engines, websites for displaying links, blog directories and so on. However, there’s also a catch to this, for instance, some pinging websites require registration, others require you putting a special link to the pinging website on your blog. Needless to say, there are pinging websites, which require you to pay for the services. Fortunately, there are some great pinging websites, which are free to use and are perfect for¬† basic SEO. Here are the links:


Today I have a simple, yet useful tip for all of you internet writers. This tip will be very useful for everyone, especially for Triond (or similar website) writers.

After more than year of writing at various websites I noticed that it’s very important to find your own niche.
Various categories are of different level of popularity in various pay-to write websites. For instance if you’re writing for Triond, you know that health articles are both popular and high payed. The same thing can be said about celebrity articles. It’s always a good thing to choose a popular category.

Another important thing when choosing a category is the competition. Almost every article website has a top 10 articles tab, where you can find the best articles of all the categories. I’ve noticed, that if your article is among any of the top 10 lists your viewership increases dramatically. So it’s always a good idea to choose a category, where the competition is not so stiff. That way you will get listed among the top 10 articles easier, and consequently you will get more views.

It is needles to say, that sometimes you just have to stick to the current internet fashions. For instance, now is the new year time, which usually means that articles about new year are very popular, thus it’s a nice idea to write something about 2011. Of course that doesn’t mean that you have to start writing only about new year, but a couple of nice articles will do just fine.

You can find what’s popular in many different ways. First of all, read the internet news and follow the most popular websites. Also you might want to use some kind of a key-word tool (like Google key-word tool) – a program, which let’s you find out the monthly number of searches for a specific key-word.

Finally, it’s important to stick to one category, because by sticking to it you’ll become a better writer, you will find your niche and naturally the internet traffic will come to your website, blog or Triond.

You can find Google key-word search here.

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Another Way of Making Money Online – PTC Websites


So what does PTC stand for? PTC means¬† “paid to click”. Basically, all you have to do to earn money on a PTC site is to click advertisements. By clicking various advertisements, you earn some money (ranging between 0.001 – 0.02$ for an add). I bet you’re thinking it’s only a couple of pennies, so why bother? The answer is that there is a referral system, using which you can earn more. Still I wouldn’t recommend PTC, due to obvious disadvantages. But let’s stop for a moment and talk about the way PTC sites work.

All you need to do to start earning is registering an account, and clicking a number of adds (raging from 4 or 5 to 10 or 20 or even more) daily. To view an add you need to click it on the PTC site, sometimes write a code confirmation, and wait a couple of seconds. Dead simple. However, it’s important to mention, that some PTC websites require to register your credit card details, or paypal details in advance. You should be aware that many of such websites can be scam, thus it’s always better not to use such websites.

I used a number of PTC websites and I wasn’t happy with my experience on those websites. First of all, one of the biggest disadvantages is that you can only click a limited number of adds daily, whereas on other websites, for instance Triond, where you get paid by writing articles, you can write any number of articles daily. Another great disadvantage is that referrals you buy (basically, you can pay other users to click adds for you and earn money) don’t always click the adds, which is equal to lost money for you. It’s almost impossible to get support on these kind of websites, which is also a huge drawback. However, by far the biggest disadvantage is that you can never be sure if a PTC website, that you have chosen, is a scam or not. I used two PTC websites, both of which “mysteriously” stopped working, disappearing with all the earnings. All in all, I basically wanted to warn you with this review, of the dangers of PTC websites. It’s clear that I do not recommend these kind of websites. However, just to be fair, I have to say, that there are PTC websites, which pay real money and really work. One of them is Neobux.

And now for those of you who are to lazy to read all of this review, here I summarize the advantages and disadvantages of PTC sites:


1) It is easy to use. Even a child can understand the simple site layout of Neobux. It contains a dashboard with all your statistics and other useful tools, which will help you manage your account.

2) It is not time-consuming. You can click up to 4 – 5 adds daily, and it only takes about 1 – 2 minutes daily. So I guess it is the best site for those people, who do not have enough time to, let us say, write articles.

3) Later you can rent some referrals – guys, who will click adds and share some revenue with you.

4) It pays out money via check or Paypal.


1) It does not pay a lot of money. As I mentioned earlier, you can click 4 – 5 adds daily, which means that you can get 4 – 5 cents daily.

2) Referrals do a very bad job. Most of the time referrals do a lazy job and only click 1 – 2 adds. You are lucky if you can find a referral, who will click all 4 – 5 adds.

3) You have to pay money to change your lazy referrals. It costs 7 cents, which actually kills the purpose of having referrals, because you will have to change them really often.

4) Your rented referrals will last only 30 days, then you will have to buy new ones, or pay for your old referrals once again.

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When it comes to writing to get paid on the internet, you have a variety of choices. If you’re a skillful writer, who has a long experience, you can try writing for various online magazines and article websites. But what if you’re not? What if you are a beginner, who wants to increase one’s writing skills or publish his poems and get some coins while doing it? Well you’re in luck, because there are dozens of websites, where you can publish your content and get paid for it.

Out of all these websites¬† (Bukisa, Hubpages, Wikinut and etc.) I chose to review¬†Triond firstly, due to a great experience while using it. So what is Triond? In a few words – Triond is a website that pays you to write articles, publish pictures or videos. You simply write articles or upload content and if you attract enough traffic to your content you get paid. But now let’s look deeper¬†at the website.

Triond has a very simple, yet handy and useful website layout (it is especially easy to get used to)¬†thus it’s a great website for beginners. Furthermore, Triond has many nice features, like graphs that show your view distribution, as well as the list of the most popular articles and subjects. One of the best features is an easy to use online editor,¬†which let’s¬†you upload pictures, links and videos with an ease (believe me, it’s very important, especially when you have to write a couple of articles daily).

You can write about almost everything. Triond has a variety of websites, which publish articles written by triond users. For instance if you write poems, your poems will be published on a different website than articles about science. This feature has both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, it’s a nice feature, because your articles of various subjects get more traffic, because they’re spread more widely throughout the internet. However, not all these websites monetize your articles with the same revenue, which means that some subjects are well paid, while others are not.

Now let’s talk a little about the disadvantages of Triond. One of the main disadvantages is the online editor program, which checks submitted articles. You can submit mostly anything, which means that you can find many worthless articles. Of course, there are many great writers, who write very sophisticated articles. However, little changes to the online editor would be great. Another disadvantage is that there are no article writing contests, like in other similar websites. Forums are also not perfect, there’s a lot of spam, although I’m not sure if this is a disadvantage of the website or the community. Although Triond has a couple of disadvantages, it’s still a great website, because the Triond team is always improving it. Starting with Google AdSense integration, ending with a badge system – many important upgrades were added to Triond since I joined it (10 months ago).

Triond has a very mixed community of all ages and various interests. Yes, you can find bad articles and spammers, however, however it’s also easy to find good sophisticated writers. Most of the community is friendly and supporting for new members, however there are many comment spammers (well I guess it’s inevitable for such websites).

And last but not least, let’s look at the earning system. When you write an article or upload content, it gets posted on a website according to the writing subject. You get paid for a number of content views. Also you can use Google AdSense to get paid additionally, also for page views. But how much do you get paid? It depends on your article type. Most of articles about science, internet, book reviews and similar stuff get about 0.01$ for 5-10 views. However, this doesn’t apply to poems and pictures, which aren’t monetized so high. So now the most important question – can you make a fortune from Triond? The answer is – it depends… If you’re willing to write daily, use search engine optimization techniques to make your articles more popular and don’t care about the revenues for a first year, you can get a decent amount of money from this site.

All in all, Triond is a great website for beginners and those, who enjoy writing. It’s a great investment for writers, because it’s always great to enjoy your hobby and get paid for it.

You can join Trion here.

The Purpose of the Blog

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Today, we are living in the age of information, which is a very special time indeed. It is an age of opportunity Рtime when everyone has a chance to reach his aims by accessing a fabulous variety of information online.  Today, when almost everyone has access to a computer and internet it is easier than ever to do mostly everything right from your cosy home. Making money is not an exception. Everyone has a chance to start earning online, whether by writing online articles, creating blogs, websites or even online businesses. However, as the old saying goes, with a great power comes a great responsibility. There are many pitfalls in the world of the internet money-making. Starting with scam sites, ending with simply bad ways to earn Рthere are hundreds of ways to go wrong.  Fortunately, all of this can be avoided by having access to the right information. Thus the purpose of this blog is to gather important information about money-making online, including articles, reviews of money-making ways and websites, and so much more.

So thanks for reading folks. Oh and by the way – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Remember – the beginning of the year is a perfect time to start something new and succesful. And that is what I wish for you. Have a nice celebration.

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