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For almost a year now I’ve been experimenting with various SEO techniques and various other ways to advertise articles. I’ve tried various websites, some good and useful, some useless. So I decided to share simple tips, that everyone can use to get a boost of views for articles or any other content.

Using the following websites is a great strategy to get valuable views for your website or articles. First of all, we don’t need to look far to find a great website for advertising your content – Facebook. Yeah Facebook is a great website for advertising your articles. It’s one of the most popular websites on the web today so it’s great for advertising. If you’re like most people, when you log on to Facebook, the first thing you do is check you’re wall for the new pictures, new posts and links of your friends. That is why it’s a great idea to use Facebook.



Another website that’s on the top these days. I mean everyone has Twitter these days. Thus it’s a great idea to use twitter. Even better is that many websites, blogs and so on automatically let you post your stuff on twitter, without moving a finger. Of course firstly, you have to start making some Twitter friends. Do so by commenting other tweets and following people of Twitter. When you have about 50 – 100 friends, you can start posting your links on the website and you’ll surely get views.


Digg is like an arch nemesis of Twitter. However, Digg has a slightly different format – it’s one of those bookmark sharing websites, where you share interesting websites and other stuff with other “diggers”. So make some “diggs”, find some friends, favourite some websites and you are ready to go.


Many people call it the new Twitter, and I see why. It’s a great website, which is basically the same thing as Digg and Twitter. However, it has a “Stumble” button, which is an add-on to your web browser, which let’s you visit a random website, article a video or anything else according to your likeable subjects. So all you have to do is post your stuff on StumbleUpon and hope that lady luck will guide people to your stuff. By the way try the “Stumble” button, it’s addictive.


Last, but not least – Redgage. It’s a very liberal website I have to say. Why? Well, you can post literally anything on Redage and get money for your views. A great deal I would say. Not only you advertise your stuff, but also get money for it. But there’s more. When you reach 25.00$ (which is very easy to do by winning a daily contest) you get your payment in a fancy Redgage visa card, which they mail you.

Thanks for reading!

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